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Best Tips For Removing Scars – Effective Scar Treatment Options You Can Use To Get Rid Of Your Marks

Scars are the natural outcome of the body system’s attempt to heal an injured skin or underlying tissues. When an individual is injured, his/her skin can be torn or broken by the force given to it. Although most of the scars are not bothersome, there are some scars that are unsightly and may cause feeling of tightness, discomfort or pain. Here are some of the best tips for removing scars.

The most convenient and affordable way to remove those scars is using topical creams, ointments, and gels. These can be over-the-counter or prescription drugs that are clinically proven effective to remove many types of scars. Usually, your doctor may prescribe topical medications containing corticosteroids and antihistamine. Most scars are itchy and individuals can’t help but scratch their scars making it really worse. It is helpful to cut your nails and avoid scratching your scars as it may introduce another physical injury or trauma to them. Included in this list of best tips for removing scars, are drug injections.

For scars that are protruding such as keloids and hypertrophic scars, prescribed hydrocortisone injections are usually the treatment of choice. This treatment reduces inflammation and greatly decreases the amount of swelling. Surgical removal of scars is usually the last treatment of choice since it is invasive and it is costly. People with big and thick scars with other bothersome symptoms are usually the candidates under this procedure. Modern day scar revision surgery is done to remove the scars completely or partially.

Just a friendly reminder: Even if you already know some of the best tips for removing scars, it is advised that you consult your doctor so he/she can help you decide on which treatment is best for you.

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Laser Acne Scar Removal – Best Cheaper Alternatives To Laser Acne ScarRemoval

One of the most common human skin problems is acne vulgaris/acne. Acnes usually appear on the surface of the face. Things that contribute to the occurrence of acne are the overproduction of oil from the sebaceous glands of the skin and bacterial contamination. These lead to inflammation, oil build-ups, and pus formation. The most undesirable effect of this skin disease is acne scar. Many people resort to laser acne scar removal because it has a high success rate.

Laser acne scar removal is a procedure wherein acne scars are introduced to laser beams. The laser is the one responsible for coagulating the scars and decreasing the oil/sebum production from the sebaceous glands. Pulsed-dye lasers are used to treat hypertrophic or keloid type of acne scars. Fractionated laser, on the other hand, is used to lighten acne scars’ appearances. It is also used to induce collagen production which is helpful
for wound healing. Scar removal using lasers may cost as much as 900 USD per session. It usually takes 4 to 6 sessions to successfully remove acne scars, making it less affordable to a lot of people especially to teenagers who don’t have work yet.

Best alternatives to laser acne scar removal which are a lot cheaper than lasers include the use of topical acne scar remover and chemical peel. Topical medication that helps control acne and its scars is tretinoin. It helps to remove the build-up of sebum and aids in skin remodelling process. Chemical peel is a dermatologic procedure which uses certain chemicals to strip off the upper layer of the skin containing the scars from acne.

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