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Effective Scar Treatment Methods – How to Treat and Fade Any Type Of Scar

You might be asking yourself several times, “What is the best of all effective scar treatment methods?” The question begs another question. What kind of scars do you have? There is simply no way to determine what is the best scar treatment without knowing the type of scarring. There are countless types of scars. You have the indented scars (the most common), and you also have hypertrophic scars and keloid scar. For each kind of scarring a different treatment option is called for.

Hypertrophic scars can be treated with the over-the-counter silicone sheetings. It can also be faded by cortisone injections. These are the most popular treatments when it comes to hypertrophic scars.

Unlike hypertrophic, keloid scars can be as big as the original cut or injury and need a specific kind of treatment. It is suggested that a person having keloid should see a dermatologist to determine the most effective scar treatment methods.

Indented scars, on the other hand, may take the form of ice pick scars, boxcar or rolling scars. Rolling scars can best be treated through subcision which involves injecting some substance into the surface beneath the affected area. Although it is affordable, blood loss and discomfort are its reported consequences.

Other treatment options also include needling, punch excision, dermal grafting and the most popular, the laser treatment. Needling is actually tattooing the scar to rip open the scar tissues. Punch excision involves the punching out of the scar while dermal grafting includes placing of skin tissues into the scars.

Before resorting to any of these effective scar treatment methods, discuss your scar problems first with a dermatologist. In any case, choose the method which you think will serve your interests the most.

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