Hypertrophic Scars – How To Treat Bad Hypertrophic Scars

Scars occur during the healing process of a wound. It becomes a hypertrophic scar when the skin surrounding the scar stretches, causing the characteristic bulging and widened appearance which could be disfiguring. A number of methods are employed to get rid of bad hypertrophic scars.

Pressure bandages can be used to keep the skin together tightly while the wound is healing. This will allow the healing of the wound without causing stretching of the skin, preventing the formation of hypertrophic scars. Ointments with onion extracts and Vitamin E oil are natural methods which are both effective in removing hypertrophic scars.

Apply the ointment on the scar regularly though it may take sometime for the scar to heal. Vitamin E oil can be rubbed on to the scar or the contents of Vitamin E capsule may be injected directly into the scar to promote healthy growth of skin tissue that will replace the old and damaged skin. However, this is not as effective for more severe scars.

While treating your hypertrophic scars, you can hide them with creams with the same color as your skin tone or you can apply fading creams to make the color of the hypertrophic scars almost the same with the adjacent skin.

If nonsurgical methods are not effective or if the hypertrophic scar is too severe, laser therapy may be opted. Laser therapy removes the damaged layer of the skin and encourages the growth of new and healthy skin tissue. This will immediately yield result, usually after a single treatment.

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