How to Reduce Scars Using Cucumber

At some point in time, we start to question why and oftentimes this will lead to depression in stressing over if there is really a natural cure for scars. First fact that we have to accept is that there is really no permanent removal of scar. We can just do some tricks to make its appearance better. So before we go all crazy in thinking of ways to alleviate the issue, we need to check what we have in the kitchen that can be a natural cure for scars.

Cucumber could be one of the best natural cures for scars. It is highly accessible since it could be bought in any supermarket and it is fairly cheap. The best thing about this is that it’s not acidic thus skin irritation will highly unlikely occur. You could put it on your face indefinitely and it could never worsen the condition. It’s one of nature’s wonders, a gift from above.

First step in this natural cure for scars using cucumber is making the cucumber paste. You just have to peel the cucumber and remove its seed before putting it in the blender. If you have available five fresh mint leaves and egg white, then better add those to create a good cucumber paste mixture.

Once you have the mixture, next step is to apply it on the affected areas. First, wash the area with warm water and then apply the paste onto the scar. Leave it for about 20 minutes then wash it with cool water and use clean towel to dry the skin. Do this habitually for best results.

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